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What people are saying

I (trained with) Johann for almost three years. He (has) brought me to a level of strength and fitness I didn’t think possible in my 30’s. I started out as ‘skinny-fat’, with about 35 lbs of extra weight, and very little muscle underneath. Over time, I have lost the fat and added in 5-7lbs of muscle (the guy in the blue shirt doing a roundhouse in the photos is me) . My confidence levels have dramatically increased. Over the three years, we have added in more and more kickboxing, and do it for about 30% of every workout, excluding his Saturday kickboxing class, which is more like 95%. I couldn’t be happier with the training and guidance he has provided me. The high I get from each training day floats me through the workweek.

Cameron H

Cameron H

Father of 3, project manger

What I love most about Johann’s take on personal training is that it is so varied! What I find most difficult about working out is how quickly I get bored doing the same exercises. Johann is successful in targeting the same muscle groups doing so many different workouts you never get bored. Each session goes by so quickly and the results were awesome.

Gabriella S

Gabriella S

M.A., Former D1 Soccer Captain
I love this place, the classes are exciting, fun and inspirational!!! The instructors are the best! The workouts are unique and are tailored to all ages. The classes are unlimited with a membership which is a great deal. Please come and check it out your first class is free 🙂 you’ll love ❤️ It!

Letty Lobdell

Danielle is a great instructor. This was my very first time doing a spin class and I loved it! I love how Danielle incorporates pilates into the spin class as well.. Its absolutely an amazing and fun class. I definitely recommend trying this class, you will not be disappointed!

Delia M

Mother and lifter