Kickboxing & Kettlebells (KB2)

September 26, 2016

Let’s be BOTH – Strength And Striking Champs!

KB2 is the best kickboxing class and kettlebell experience you can take.

Join coach Johann who has over fifteen years of kickboxing experience, competition and teaching saavy under his belt for an uproarious exchange.

Learn your first 1,2,3 sets of punches and how to blend them seamlessly with kicks.

This will form the base of your 1-k, 2-k beginners’ combo.

Remember, your DAY 1 work only get BETTER with practice, patience and perseverance. You will progress into fun complex combos later. There’s nothing wrong with the basics!

After that, we engage in kettlebell training with kettlebell flows, kettlebell sets and floor work for 2 minutes.

let’s get it!

2 x 2 minute rounds of technical boxing and kickboxing.

2 x 2 minute round of kettlebell workouts and kettlebell flows featuring the combo of the week!

We will complete about 8-12 rounds of work total.

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1020 the Alameda in San Jose