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I’ll tell you guys a little story about when I became the head strength coach at another gym.

I had the gym floor to myself, and decided that after 18 months of not lifting hard, I was going to dive right back into lifting hard.

After we talk about the perils of glory lifting for no real gain, let’s talk about how we can cure back pain.

So many of us have more back pain and it’s not because of heavy lifting or using power lifting to our disadvantage.

Instead, a lot of our back pain has to do with our daily life repetitive motion. And unfortunately how little attention we’ve paid to, how that repetitive motion has heard us back pain. In most cases, especially if it’s not related to hard tissue damage is totally curable.

What we have to do is we have to correct the movement patterns of our body in order to give ourselves a chance to rebuild.

Once we have correct movement patterns, our body stops compensating so much around injury. And then we start to see that the process of moving correctly is curative in and of itself.

Since those movement patterns are not easy to come by once you’ve been injured because of something we call compensation, we actually have to reteach our body how to move correctly, though. It sounds counterintuitive.

We actually have to teach our bodies how to move correctly.

In order for us to heal, compensation patterns often have to do with an imbalance of muscles around joints and the hips and the lower abs and the glutes wherein some muscles are tight and some muscles are stretched after we can address the muscles, which are tight and stretched by doing body weight moves that stretch shortened muscles and strengthen lengthened ones.

We can rebuild patterns to get rid of lower back pain

Let’s talk about some corrective moves, pelvic tilting, global stretching and injury trauma identification, which can help you repair your lower back issues fast over the course of anywhere from four to eight weeks.

Using these methods diligently over the course of time, three times per week, you absolutely will see positive gains to where there is little to no pain in your low back in about six weeks.


Give it a shot.

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