How to wrap your Hands. Period!

How to wrap your Hands. Period!

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There's no 1 right Way

Today’s lesson is pretty straight forward. We’re going to teach you how to wrap your hands.

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Whatever works for you is the best way to do it.

Regardless of which videos you watch, just to make sure the following are true.

  1. Your knuckles are protected and there’s wrap between your fingers to protect those knuckles to your wrist should be protected from hyperextending or hyper flexing.
  2. There should be wraps below the ball of your hand to protect the wrist from extending or flexing too much.
  3. All of this should be comfortable and not too tight as to cut off circulation.
  4. As a bonus, your striking hand wraps can have a knuckle guard to protect your knuckles and the skin of your knuckles from being shredded when you punch.

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