Curing low back pain with corrective moves | And a Story

WE CAN REBUILD PATTERNS TO GET RID OF LOWER BACK PAIN. Let’s talk about some corrective moves, pelvic tilting, global stretching and injury trauma identification, which can help you repair your lower back issues fast over the course of anywhere from four to eight weeks.

How to wrap your Hands. Period!

Today’s lesson is pretty straight forward. We’re going to teach you how to wrap your hands. All we can say is notice no one, correct way to wrap your hands.

Just One Pull-Up: is it possible or Nah

A lot of you guys have come to me asking to do one pull-up as a final goal. And it’s a very admirable and hard to be honest goal to get to, instead of it being a fantastic goal for you, we want also to make sure like all goals, this one is achievable. Let’s ask ourselves, is it possible to build enough strength to do a pull-up?

Is Boxing great self-defense???

We see it all the time inside of boxing circles and kickboxing circles, where some places emphasize cardio over technique. Others emphasize technique over cardio, but which is best?
All argue that learning from high-level coaches and smart minds in and about boxing and kickboxing fields is the best means to learn.

What should we eat before a workout? | A Pre-workout round-up

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Quick AND effective workouts, possible or Not??

Today’s society is nothing less than hyper obsessed with curating the perfect workout in the least amount of time.
We see seven minute workouts when seven becomes too long, we see five minute abs by and large, there are gyms that claim you can get a full workout in 20 minutes, but how true is this?